Suggestions for future products/models

Use this thread to make any software/hardware suggestions. Pile it on - we are all ears :slight_smile:. Would definitely help us as we go along.

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Need: bigger battery

  • Longer autonomy is more convenient, especially for those where constant access to a charger is not a given

Need: Stronger multi-device Bluetooth

  • For those with medical devices (hearing aids, etc.) having robust 3+device connections allows them to use their vital medical devices while still maintaining access to other devices and services (handsfree, file transfer, accessory devices, etc.)

Need: Stereo front-facing speakers

  • For those with hearing impairment, having stereo front-facing speakers allows for a large improvement in perceived sound quality, facilitating communication

Need: Qi charging

  • Provides convenient method for hands-off charging, easier to use for those with dexterity/mobility concerns as messing with a cable is no longer involved.

Want: Removable battery

  • Device sustainability and convenience for the customer.

Want: Lower noise camera sensor

  • UX improvement, adding value as many use smartphones to document life events. More MP isn’t the point, but better sensor sensitivity and performance to reduce ISO grain, low dynamic range, and loss of detail and artifacting due to post-processing to suppress the sensor noise.

Want: Full control of base app install

  • More value to customer to change and disabled unneeded/unwanted in-box apps.

Want: Magstripe capable NFC

  • Provides a stronger UX for NFC payments, allowing usage even in environments where tap-to-pay NFC is not yet widespread (many suburban and rural areas, for instance)

Want: Multi-channel GPS module

  • Provides increased accuracy for work or hobby use, more robust against multipath interference for those who live in more urban areas where GPS signal multipathing makes navigation unreliable.

Want: Barometer

  • Provides increased vertical accuracy for hobby and work, can be used to predict localized weather changes, used by many sUAS Control Station apps.

Want: RAW data from camera

  • Increases value for user, allowing more advanced photography

Want: Stereo audio recording for video

  • Increases value for user, also allows for higher-fidelity recordings, which can be important for audio concerns listed above

Many can be resolved via firmware on this model, even :sunglasses:


Agree with pretty much all of this. My favorite phone before using the Teracube was the LG V20.

Removable battery, great camera, Quad DAC, and my favorite thing that keeps the LG V20 still charged and on my nightstand: an IR Blaster.

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On a product that promotes environmental protection removable battery is a must, if no other suggestions from saijin are considered please do this at a minimum. If the next phone is planned 3 years from now the MediaTek Dimensity 1000, 820, or 800 could be a excellent SOC choice in that time and I also view the use of a good MediaTek soc as a feature since all other reputable vendors only seem to use Qualcomm, if you could stick with MediaTek that would be good to me. I also think it would be cool for the chassis and/or outer shell to be made from recycled metals. I think having a camera set-up similar to the LG V60 where there’s a singular high megapixel camera that is assisted via a ToF HQVGA, i’m suggesting this assuming it’s a cheaper way to get relatively flagship camera results but I could be wrong. A multi-channel GPS module would also be rather essential at this point.
A dedicated sound card for better music quality via a 3.5mm jack would be nice as well, I think Qsound is still around and if so they’re probably desperate for business maybe you could get a good codec from them assuming they don’t exist solely as patent trolls.