I suggest a sticky “Suggestions” sub-category within each product item category, Teracube Suggestions, TeraCube 2e Suggestions, Teracube 3x, Teracube 4u, Teracube 5Live, Teracube 6y, Teracube is7, Teacube gets8

My suggestion is Glow-In-The-Dark cell phone cases and a way to add Glow-In-The-Dark to the cell phone case yu already have. When I am getting ready for my day, it is often in the dark. And, when I am looking for my misplaced phone, it is often in a dark place.


There are a variety of glow in the Dark paints. Some are textured paints ie puff paint for use on T-Shirts. A cool idea.

Just keep in mind Glow in the dark needs to be charged up so you might not have enough time to hold the glow charge so to speak.

Maybe a built-in cookie dispenser.

Heliosurge, Not long ago, I bought glow in the dark paint. I could barely see it in the light or in the dark. I gave it to a friend of mine who has a lot of kids and a lot of friends so they could be dissappointed too.

mirsmp, does the cookie dispenser provide cookies on demand or does it demand cookies be dispensed with? Or does it go both ways with a flip of a switch?

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Glow in the Dark Paints quality varies. Where possible good to see if there are reviews or a spec on how good.

This link may help

Cookies are dispensed on an as needed basis, kind of like an insulin pump.