I have been very happy with the teracube 2 as a phone. The replaceable battery, use of screws, absence of glue, and reasonable costs for repairs are definitely pluses. The specs of the phone are good enough for me at this price point.
But can the teracube really claim to be a sustainable phone without current software? The phone is running on Android 10 and has a security patch that is three months old. In my experience, many people replace their phone when the manufacturer ceases to provide updates. I have three high end phones that no longer get updates that I have replaced. Each has a working battery and better specs than the teracube 2. It is the software not the hardware that caused me to replace them.
I recognize how difficult it is for a small start-up to develop timely software updates. I always sensed that the software would be the biggest threat to sustainability. I am not equipped to download and install roms such as lineoage os. I really recommend that you not even consider a teracube 3 until you improve you record on software updates.


Agree with you, but I want to add that battery is usually the main concern as normally it can only last approximately 2 years before its performance deteriorate. I think for this, Teracube does well with the removable battery. It seems promising looking at the progress.

Hi @spencer_silberstein - your concern is a valid one. As I have posted earlier in the forums, we are slowly improving our software repertoire and inching towards our ultimate goal of quarterly updates. I would say you can expect an update every 4-6 months as of now.

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For me it is a combination of reasons that leads me to decide to replace my device:

  1. Space running out on internal phone storage, even with uninstalling apps and clearing out files and photos. This is an issue that creeps up on low end devices with small internal storage.

  2. The built-in battery fails to retain sufficient charge.

  3. End of support of software updates, especially security updates which leaves the phone vulnerable to security exploits.

  4. Apps no longer support the old version of Android which can no longer be updated.

All the above are important, which is why I decided to get a Teracube 2e.

  1. There’s ample internal storage and an expandable memory card slot.

  2. The battery can be easily replaced.

  3. The promise of frequent updates for 3 years.

  4. Apps can be updated or installed on latest Android

I would have thought that the software issues would have been resolved with the Teracube 1, and am eagerly awaiting for more frequent security updates and more importantly I can’t wait for Android 11 to be made available for the 2e.


And either official LineageOS or be able to buy the phone with the option of no google apps/services. The /e/ rom is way to IOS like and i want no microg either