Sustainable move, broken Teracube One

Hi! A few days ago I dropped my phone again and when I picked it up I found the (preciously cracked) display flickering. I was barely able to discern my lick screen background but the screen would not recognize my input. When I came home and took the phone out of the case, the screen came was barely held in the phone by the glue.
Long story short, I now have a broken Teracube One and since I was unhappy with it’s camera for almost two years now, I decided to move on.

Here’s my question: I am sure the board, battery, and plenty other components are still fine and could be re-used and I would love to ask the community if anyone wants it. BUT: I can’t factory reset/wipe the phone and I’m sure my employer would not be happy if I’d just give it away (had work profile set up and all)

Thus i am wondering if Teracube (the company) has any use for broken ones like that? I’d feel a bit more confident that my data is in safe hands that way (ideally there would be some legal verbiage about that, maybe there is some in the agreement you use for the repair/replacement process?

I also have the cool new case for the Teracube One, where the lip sticks out about 2mm over the screen. Anyone interested in that? Venmo me postage and I’ll send it out :slight_smile:

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Um. I would not entrust any company with data. Even Apple had a few exposed incidents where technicians were looking at customer’s private photos. Apple is supposed to be the industry’s leader in customer service. You have to believe Apple has strict guidelines on what technicians should not be doing. For a company that pushed out a total of 2 security updates over 3 years to the T1, the amount of internal control could not compare.
Since you have a screen lock and most likely you have the original factory software (bootloader is locked), the only way you can wipe the phone is through “Find my phone” on your Google account. You can also wipe the work profile only by contacting your work administrator and ask them to wipe the device.
Once you wipe it, you can then either resell it or send it for repair.

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Sorry to hear that happened. But I guess that also allowed you to finally move away from this phone. As far as for the case, which one do you have? I might be interested in it. Thanks!

Hey @Flocke , You can wipe userdata without even having a working screen, until your smartphone detects in USB ports.
Here’s a guide: My 2e screen is toast - #4 by Sharad


Hi @Flocke - sorry to hear about the damage. We would love to reuse some of the parts (we will do a full data reset before opening the phone). If you would like to reset the phone yourself, follow these instructions (these instructions will install the factory software which resets the phone as well).

Once you are ready, just contact us and we will be glad to give you a free prepaid shipping label.

@techyminati , sorry for the late reply…but you are right, it helped me making the move and get something more capable.

This is the case I have:


Hi @Sharad , thanks for the hint about applying the factory image. I’ll give it a try when I get a minute and if booting my laptop into windows still works :slight_smile:


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