SW16 Stability Issues?

Since I installed the SW16 update, I’ve had my phone shut off completely while in my pocket for no discernible reason. Before the update it never happened, so I’m doubtful it’s anything like accidentally holding down the power button etc.

I wanted to see if this has happened for anyone else?

Unfortunately I haven’t observed it happening directly yet, so I have no idea what could be a possible cause.

If there are any kind of logs that I could pull which could be helpful, let me know how to pull them and I can do so.

My bootloader is unlocked, but that was the case before the update. Not rooted yet, but I might go ahead and do that soon, I’ve just been putting it off.

Hi @typopanther - welcome to Teracube community. Has this shutdown happened once or multiple times?

Multiple times.

I just ended up doing a factory reset as part of my adventures in rooting, and it has turned off once since then.

I have had my phone turn off several times as well. I’m not using it as a phone yet, so many only have it with me a few hours per day. I didn’t put together the update being the cause till just now, but I think it has only been since then.