T Mobile Prepaid - No texts to canada?

Hi, I’m a long time T1 user. I’ve never been able to get my texts to go through to my brother in Canada. I can receive SMS from him, but I can’t send them out. I’m using T-Mobile’s Connect (prepaid).

Any thoughts on APN settings for a T-Mobile prepaid plan that might fix this? Anyone else using a T-Mobile prepaid plan?

(Note: when I send texts to a Canadian number, my response is “Free msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active.” but Message Blocking is not a setting I have activated and I have tried to explictly deactivate it–I’ve also had issues sending pictures MMS to people in the US, which is why I think this is an APN issue)

Any help (or confirmation that it’s not the T1 APN) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have a feeling this is something to do with your carrier. While I am going to look up APN information for you, would you mind to do me a favor and call your carrier’s support and check if your messaging capability has been interfered by the carrier?


One more thing - are you able to test the same SIM in a different phone and check if that works for sending these texts?

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Confirmed it’s not my SIM … It’s T-Mobile fine print on the prepaid says no international. They strangely let incoming messages happen though, and their error logging for outgoing messages refers to “message blocking,” but this is totally bogus. “Connect” prepaid plans on T-Mobile do not include messaging with Canada. Case closed.

Sorry for the delay and happy holidays