T1 - bad cellular signal?

I have had horrible cellular service at my home for the better part of 6wks now. No idea why since I am still on Android 9 with no system/security upgrades to my phone and my husband who also has a Teracube 1 device with the same provider (T-Mobile)…

Hi @Joseph_Merriam - does your husband also have the same low/bad signal? Any thing changed in particular in last 6 weeks?

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Nothing has changed in the past 6-7weeks, same phones (Teracube One), same cell company, (T-Mobile), no updates no changes of any kind and both myself and my husband have no signal I have multiple screen shots showing no service at all

That is indeed bizarre. Few things you can try:

  1. Reboot the phones if they have not been rebooted in some time.
  2. See if the signal appear outside your home, 100 yards away and/or 1-2 miles away.
  3. If you have access to a different brand phone, can you check if the SIM cards work in it.
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