T2E does not fail to please

@Sharad One of my friends destroyed his phone (actually his GF did) and he did not have enough money to get a new one yet. I took the SIM out of my backup T2E and let him borrow it until he can buy a new one. He is not a heavy user but fell in love with my T2E. I may have to break his legs to get it back, but that’s a different story. When I told him the cost of a new one and where to buy it, he was thrilled. Guaranteed to say, the T2E has a very great place in the marketplace. START MARKETING!!! Oh, and include free cookies. :grinning: :rofl: :joy:


@mlrsmp - that’s wonderful to hear :heart_eyes:. Thanks a ton. Yes - most of our efforts have been word of mouth till now. Will keep scaling more.

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