Tapping bug

Hi there,

I have got an issue with particular program on Teracube 2e stock Android 10, and creators of the app seem not being able to reproduce the issue on their setup (I’m not diving deeply into the reasons here). The app is called Feeder, and you can see its behaviour on the video clip in this bug report:

I would be grateful if someone may confirm if she/he has the same issues. I’ll try to upload OPML to the original bug report, as I can’t do it here due to filetype restrictions.

By the way, I can say, that I see other strange behaviours of 2e’s stock OS, which I did not see on other phones before - for example, when I’m redirected to some sort of program’s action, like an app submenu, I am redirected to the child app’s main menu instead of the parent app, when I try to go app. I raise it here, as I think it may be caused by some settings/manifests which users can’t change without root, and you may have an idea what is it and if these issues are actually connected to each other. Abstract example:

  • I’m opening an app
  • The app redirects me to some screen in Settings
  • I change the setting and trying to go back
  • Instead of being redirected to the parent app in a single step, I’m going thru the Settings’ parent levels up to the Home screen.

I read through your post on Gitlab - like your follow up there. It seems both the Feeder accessibility issue as well as the settings issue might be coming from AOSP itself.

Do you have a sample app name that exhibits the Settings redirection issue?