TeamViewer - QuickSupport

It would be excellent if the TeraCube ROM was compatible with TeamViewer QuickSupport for both Remote Control and Screen Sharing.

I’m happy that at the least the ROM supports Screen Sharing and File Sharing, but Remote Control would be super helpful for situations where I need to assist my family more easily.


Actually we would love to have this functionality so that we can help our users. Do you know if Teamviewer Quicksupport needs anything special in the ROM/firmware?

On that note, are you aware of other tools/apps that can be used for remote support?

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I’m not sure what else is needed for Remote Control, but I do know there are many vendor-specific extensions that you usually must install along with the baseline QuickSupport install.

Maybe Android 10 improves things?

TeamViewer post regarding vendor extensions (and vendor contact form):

I have used VNC in the past on my W10M phone, as well as Remote Desktop and/or Quick Assist.

For truly cross-platform and Foss solution, I’ve got nothing, unfortunately.