Teracube 2e (2022 Batch) Lineage Open Beta Invite

Call for testers - if you have the Teracube 2e (2022 batch preferably), and are willing to test out the bleeding-edge (could be unstable) branch of LineageOS/alternative ROMs then please let me know of your willingness, and I shall be opening up a Telegram group for testing very soon.


I am willing. But why telegram instead of something open like Matrix? Just asking. No war intended…


I, too, would like to be a tester and 2nd the matrix idea


Thank you for your responses.
I would like to have Telegram instead since for starters, it is kinda more accessible compared to matrix in a way, and plus, we also have the official Teracube OSS group on Telegram. I also use Telegram more in comparison to Matrix, which would help me reach out to you and be available for longer periods of time.
I will look into Matrix if you find it a better solution too, in the near future.

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I too am willing, assuming I don’t need developer skills.
I can accept unstable, but is there a risk of bricking?

You could brick your device a few times in the process, but it is very easy to recover from it.

So how has your experience been with Lineage so far? Do you prefer Lineage or the stock Android experience?

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Count me in. I have the 2022 batch.

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OK, I’m in. I have a 2022 batch that’s never been out of the box.

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To be honest, I work on both sides so I cannot really tell :slight_smile:
I’ve always preferred a ROM because I had more control over the device in terms of code. I could build a ROM for myself and run it and it’d always fascinate me (that’s the reason I’m still here doing this xD)

Update: The beta testing group is live, here on Telegram.

Builds will roll out once people start joining in.

Cc @dsl @DuckArmada @retro486 @mmoretz @tioui

I have a working LineageOS build ready for you all to try out.

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Count me in.

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Thanks to all the testers for their valuable inputs, the beta is now released here - https://community.myteracube.com/t/advanced-users-only-teracube-2e-2022-batch-lineageos-18-1-beta-emerald/


I can test

i can help,just downloaded it.