[Advanced Users Only][Teracube 2e 2nd Batch (SN: 2021)] LineageOS 18.1 Beta [emerald]

Does live display work for anyone else? I can’t get it to change to night mode.

The 2021-thread mentions to use fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta-2e-stock.img to disable image verification - is that still needed?

the command fastboot -w gives:

mke2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
/tmp/TemporaryFile-6hyJ5a: Unimplemented ext2 library function while setting up superblock
/usr/lib/android-sdk/platform-tools/mke2fs failed with status 1
fastboot: error: Cannot generate image for userdata

the system boots anyway… :wink:

That is not required on both units as of now. Both LineageOS images flash disabled vbmeta by default, hence reducing the amount of steps users have to jump through to flash builds.

how about the other error?

So after some days using the phone i must say: i am amazed. Most stuff works like a charme! And its a great hardware too (sure i would like to learn more about the efforts teracube undertakes to achieve its goals). These are the remaining problems i currently have:

So all in all: i am happy :slight_smile:

Can you tell if and when a new relaese will be available?

Thank you for the work you put into LineageOS and the hardware!

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Thank you for your suggestions, and we’ll be looking at improving all the issues you’ve mentioned.
We have an internal beta for March releases already up on the Beta Testers group and I hope I could release it before March end, or April first week.

Looks like an environment issue, but I’ll have a look.

It seems really to be a problem of dust near the sensor. keeping it and the gap to the cover clean solved this issue (for now, lets see :wink: ).


March builds are out!

Get them here!

This link contains SP-Flash and recovery OTA ZIPs.

There seems to be something wrong with your link… i can’t use it. :frowning:

I cannot use the link either, but here is the github release page:

Error on my side. My apologies.
Link’s been fixed. Please let me know if any more issues persist.
Happy flashing!


I never did an update manually (LineageOS did it for me and used TWRP), can you explain how to do an update (without loosing anything of course :wink: )?

And my question if the TWRP mentioned with the 1st batch works with the 2nd batch too wasnt answered yet or i missed it. Is there a different one or is it just the same?

Hey, so in a nutshell, the TWRP version for 2e (first batch) will not work with 2e (second batch) over partition differences, and a few more issues, for example, the kernel.
I personally do not recommend TWRP for flashing/updating, because at least for me it broke OTA updates and a lot more things. (Was a common issue across devices)
For flashing OTA Images, I’d like you to follow the below instructions:

  • Connect your Teracube to your PC
  • Reboot to recovery
$ adb reboot recovery
  • Tap Apply Update, and then select Apply from ADB
  • Run adb sideload on the Lineage OTA package to flash the build.
adb sideload lineage-18.1-xxxxxx.zip
  • Wait for it to flash, then go back to the main menu and reboot.

Simpler method to reboot to sideload where it’ll auto reboot is adb reboot sideload-auto-reboot but that’s untested. You can try that out as well, and let me know what works.
The next coming builds for April will have OTA and everything else functioning, so it will be lesser of a hassle for you :wink:

Spoiler: Lineage + Google Apps builds coming very soon!
Do let me know if you require such builds.

will do.

no thanks, i use lineageos exactly because its not contained :wink:

i see this image of a layed down android with opened hatch and the text “No command”. it can do sideload adb tells so i give it a try.

it ends in serving: 'lineage-18.1-20220331-UNOFFICIAL-emerald.zip' (~94%) adb: failed to read command: Success and a black screen and boots after a while. no clue if i have the new system now… where do i see that?

fun fact: i never had to enter a sim pin when rebooting a 2e.

Check About Phone - you will be able to see March patches.

As for Google Apps, I know a few users might want Google Apps as well so I’d want to give them the choice :slight_smile:

i found the build date instead which is Feb. so no: that flow didnt work :frowning:

i did the other flow (using the menue in the recovery) and ended in the error adb: failed to read command: Success as well. looking at the build date still shows Feb.

sure, i know, no problem with that but i can’t help :slight_smile:

Today i had the time to redo the flow with ADB_TRACE=all. this shows:

serving: '/home/mdt/Downloads/android/blobs/2e/lineage-18.1-20220331-UNOFFICIAL-emerald.zip'  (~94%)    adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:81] readx: fd=7 wanted=8
adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:97] readx: fd=7 wanted=8 got=8 3030303130313036 00010106
adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:81] readx: fd=6 wanted=8611
adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:97] readx: fd=6 wanted=8611 got=8611 0cf0244fb5b626e0ffac7ee571adb8d5 ..$O..&...~.q... [truncated]
adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:107] writex: fd=7 len=8611 0cf0244fb5b626e0ffac7ee571adb8d5 ..$O..&...~.q... [truncated]
adb D 04-04 07:31:01 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:81] readx: fd=7 wanted=8
adb D 04-04 07:31:17 19726 19726 adb_io.cpp:91] readx: fd=7 disconnected
adb: failed to read command: Success

it seems the mobile terminates the connection at 94% of the image. it seems to be a problem in the recovery code.

btw:i found that the menue of the recovery has some invisible menue entries. if you navigate via volume up / down one can select hidden entries (the selection just disapears). other way you cannot end the sideload mode anyway (took me a while to find that out).

if you prefer issues at github let me know, as well which repo to use for the recovery.

For hidden options, I have fixed the recovery in the newer release.
Try flashing the build with userdata unchecked via SPFT, that is the best way to flash builds as of now. Once stable builds roll out with OTA and stuff most of the issues will be ruled out.