Teracube 2e always charging

Hello, I have noticed over the past two days that my Teracube 2e is always charging. The indicator light is constant as if it were charging as well as the charging indication on the battery. Wondering if this problem is unique to my device. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you.

Hi @TeracubeWeaver - welcome to Teracube forums. Could be a temporary state issue. Can you try the following:

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. If reboot does not fix it, then power off the phone, take out its battery for 2-3 mins and then power it on again.

Let me know if the issue persists after these steps.

Hello, I’ve waited a few days to allow 2 charge cycles (20% to 80%) and 2 restarts to occur in hopes that this would fix the issue, however it has not. The charging indicator is persistent, usually immediately after unplugging the device, I haven’t seen any consistency in the circumstances that the indicator disappears. I usually notice it has gone by the time it hits 20% charge.
Thank you,

Edit: I have not tried pulling out the battery yet, but I will update once I have

Edit: Removing and replacing seems to have solved the charging indicator issue, however the phone gets really hot when charging, the heat is coming from above the battery near the fingerprint sensor, the charging cord gets hot as well, and the phone is unlikely to charge above 75%. The heat on the fingerprint sensor also occurs without charging, making the phone unusable after 15-30 minutes without a power down and cooling time

I have tried a factory reset as well, the phone still gets too hot to use

If the reset didn’t fix the issue, then there is potentially a fault with the charging circuitry. Please email us at support@myteracube.com for a warranty replacement.