Teracube 2e available

I have 2 of the teracube 2e phones and a spare battery. One of the phones is in an open box condition. It has only been tested to ensure that it is working order. I am prepared to consider offers for the phone and perhaps, the new battery which has never been used. I am located in Florida and will consider shipping only in the USA. Please advise if there is interest and we can discuss price, payment and shipping options.

Would be interested in purchasing, located in Michigan

I have an open box teracube 2e for sale with original packaging and all the contents. It includes the phone, plastic screen protector, case and literature. I am asking $200. I also have a spare battery delivered by teracube which has never been used and is available for $50. If you are interested in either item or both, please advise. I will be keeping another teracube 2e for my own use.

Hello, is this phone still available? I’m located in Mississippi and I’m looking to get a Teracube.

Mr. Spenser good afternoon. It’s still available the Device? I’m located/Courrier box in Florida

The phone is like New Open box and a extra battery completely new, everything for 200$?
Which offer you can make me bro for negotiate soon as possible?

The phone is still available.

Mr. Mitrano,
The phone is open box, like new for $200. The new, spare teracube battery is new and never opened. The battery is for sale for $50. If you want both, the total is $250. I’m sorry if there was confusion about the pricing.

If Mr. Mitrano doesn’t want to purchase this phone, I would love to take it. Please DM me here and we can arrange something!

The phone is still available for purchase at the $200 asking price. If you want it, we will have to agree how to transfer funds and you will need to provide a mailing address in Mississippi. My email address is 19snark38@gmail.com.

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Just sent you an email!

Teracube 2e and spare battery sold.