Teracube 2e battery

My Teracube 2e battery is bulging, but still operates the phone. I’d like to get a replacement battery. Please tell me a source for compatible size (64mm wide, 82mm tall, 5 mm thick), 3.85Vdc, 4000mAh lithium polymer batteries. I don’t care if the batteries are Teracube branded, as long as they work.

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I just looked for a battery for my Teracube 2e. Says availability is on Amazon, but no joy there. The accessories web site doesn’t have any in stock. They are sourced in China. Good luck to us all with that.


Hi @debrota - we have the batteries in stock in the US, EU, and Canada. The website has a bug where it is showing a non-existent Amazon link for out of stock.

We should have them in stock in the UK soon.


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