Order not shipped to Australia yet?

I’m interested in getting a spare battery as well. I ordered 2 new (green) cases for my Teracube 2e from the Teracube website a month ago (end November 2022) and have seen no information on shipping, etc. I would have bought green cases, black case AND spare battery but the website would not let me buy black cases or spare battery and have them shipped to Australia. Given the paucity of replacement line items, I don’t see how hard it can possibly be to have them shipped anywhere in the world without my having to get THIS from one place and THAT from some other place.

I get that obtaining a third-party battery charger is a thing, since you’ve done a great job making replaceable batteries and I’m happy to find a charger on my own, but seriously?

I have already emailed support about these cases. I ordered and paid for TWO cases (at US$19.99 each) because I had to shell out US$40 to have them shipped to Australia and decided that a net cost of US$40 each for two cases instead of US$60 for one case was a better plan.

Hi @redearthman74 - apologies for the delay. We will check what is holding your order and get back to you soon.

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