Teracube 2e case 3D file

Here is the .stl file from solidworks import of the .stp file, it should be just the same.

I’ve also completed a Solidworks modification of this file that removes the corner “bumpers” as I described. It’s more of a kludge than I could have accomplished with the original design file, but hopefully it will be easier on my pockets. I’ve ordered one, but don’t want to post the file until I know it prints something useable.


Thanks, I think I’ll wait for the new version so if it works I’ll just use that one, thanks for the stl file nonetheless

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This is what the case without bumpers should look like when printed. I was mostly able to use the contours of the main case to “cut” the bumpers off, but was left with some corners that I had to “plane” off (the flat faces). I also increased the size by 1% because the current Craftcloud case was very tight.

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I got my case without the bumpers yesterday, and it seems fine so far. I had increased the size by 1% and I can now get the case on and off without taking the back off of the phone. The .stl file is here. I used Craftcloud to print in black TPU with 20% infill this time. The “planed off” corners are evident, but not as obvious as I’d feared. With the “grain” of the printing, it looks better, I think.

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