Teracube 2e case 3D file

Cross-posting it here so that anyone looking can find it easily. link to the file

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It is great that you posted this! If anyone is interested in 3D printing this at an online printer, please let us know how it turns out. I looked at Craftcloud with this design, and it costs ~$20 delivered to the US, when made with TPU (a flexible rubber-like material).

This is the same one that the 2e came with correct?

Yes - we are using the same design.

meh these turn out only okay. the power button did not line up that well and the case is a bit short on the sides. i mean it fits but its not great. tried 2 different times and adjusted the fit each time.

Thanks for posting this! Did you print the case yourself or have it printed remotely and shipped to you?

tried it both ways. i had to bring the sides up a bit higher and slightly move the power button up a bit its not perfect but it works. i had a very reputable place do a print also to see if it was my equipment and theirs came out the same way. it does fit but its not perfect

In my (admittedly limited) experience, there’s a lot of variation between printer types, and even sometimes between printers, so it’s not too surprising - glad you got something that works!

had three printed on cloudcraft, black TPU came out fine, tried clear TPU but i guess i didn’t understand infill% and it came out pretty bad. 100% functional, but it is not clear at all and i get lots of comments that i need to add stones and other bling to it. do not recommend clear TPU.

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Hi @Sharad, could you please post again? I think the link has gone dead.

Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. Fixed now. Here is the working link.

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