Teracube 2e + Case + Additional Battery for Sale

Greetings. I am selling my Teracube 2e. I have not yet received the additional battery, but am selling it too. I puchased the phone and battery perk at the introductory prices: $99 and $30. Will split shipping with buyer. So, phone + case now and battery later. I live in Denver, CO and would prefer to sell to a buyer in USA. Thanks.

Please indicate why you have decided to sell your new teracube 2e, case and spare battery?I might be interested in purchasing for $129 plus a share of the postage. I live in Florida and imagine shipping would be easy and cheap. Please advise.

I am getting a different phone for my job. They require that I use an iPhone. So, I simply don’t need this phone at this time. The extra battery is not available for 2-3 months, according to the latest Teracube updates. Those batteries must ship separately. Yes, $129 + half postage fee now. Then, half postage fee later for the battery. We can take care of payment and further communication directly via email, chat, etc. We can also transact with Venmo, Mercari or Swappa. Thanks for your interest.

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I would be interested in buying your Teracube 2e + case + extra battery for $129 plus half of the postage. I wonder if it is possible to request teracube to mail the battery to me rather than to you. It is my understanding that the batteries will be shipped in bulk from HK and mailed to the backers by teracube. Could you check that out? My email address is 19snark38@gmail. We can discuss payment methods and shipping details.

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We can change the battery shipment to the new user’s address - no worries there. Please email us (support@myteracube.com) once the transaction is complete.

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Thanks. The transaction is complete. We will contact support.