Teracube 2E compatible with LTE?

I started out wondering why my T2e (Teracube 2e) has two SIM slots but does not work well with my old Verison third party clone SIM. The fact that I have to use four words to describe the SIM is a clue: “old Verison third party clone”. It’s old, that network provider is inexpensive and only uses part of Verisons towers.

BUT, I was really wondering about GSM vs CDMA on my phone. And that led me to this article stating that LTE is replacing both GSM and CDMA. https://techcitytimes.com/cdma-vs-gsm/

In simple terms, CDMA and GSM are like diesel and gasoline cars. GSM was a global standard and less expensive. CDMA was newer, faster, more secure and more expensive. But, LTE is like electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars. LTE is replacing CDMA and GSM. News to me, I heard about LTE and saw it all over but did not pay attention.

Each of these, GSM, CDMA and LTE are different ways used to make phone calls, text and everything else work on cell phones. As more people started using more cell phones in more ways, we had to come up with ways to pack more exchange of information into less space. Imagine talking someplace with someone by yourself. No problem. Then, other people come to the same place to talk. It’s a big enough place, you just get some distance to talk in your own little groups. More people show up, so many people that you have to talk louder to be heard. Some people use gestures to talk, other use signs. Smoke signals and passenger pigeon. Some people use use cans connected by strings, Someone invents headphones. Others use Morse code and flashing lights and handwritten letters, the postal system. All this going on as more and more people come to this place to talk with each other.

Same with cell phone networks, except we use cell phones to talk - voice, to text, send pictures, videos, live stream video chat, conference calls, send emails, listen to stored music, listen to the radio, watch TV and movies, play games, buy things from walk-in stores in other parts of the world, buy things in virtual stores like Amazon and Ebay, connect things to our phones like bank card readers, heart monitors, telescopes, microscopes, infrared heat cameras, chemical sensors… All done the same way we we talking to each other, by ourselves. Talk about a party line.

So, LTE is the newest way to allow all of us to do all of those things at the same time and everything kept separate, in it’s own place. LTE uses many, small towers all over the place, to send and receive instead of a few big towers far apart from each other.

But, LTE is somewhat new. It is not yet all there, working 100%. It’s like some of us when we wake up in the morning. It’s taking a while to get everything together, up and running. And, it is a group effort, not just one person waking up but many different individuals and groups - all the different cell phone service providers and their new LTE cell phone towers.

Feel free to correct me, you are not the first one to tell me I got it wrong. :wink:

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So, I forgot to ask: What are the TWO SIM card slots for if not for CDMA and GSM SIMs?

I can’t give a response to the rest of your post, but the dual SIM slots allow you to have two active phone numbers i.e. a personal line and one for business. Also to be able to access both a foreign and local network, if you travel often.

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Oh, and I wondered what might come after GSM. It’s already here, LTE. And, CDMA has almost reached it’s end. GSM will soon follow CDMA and LTE is supposed to be “Long Term”. I hope my new baby, T2e plays nice with LTE. All these acronyms.

If memory serves, LTE is supposed to be around until at least 2028.

As I understand it, you’ve got everything described perfectly, but I legitimately had to check the post date to see that I wasn’t reading something written 5-odd years ago. LTE has been around, and has been mature, for quite some time now - in fact, 3G (CDMA/GSM) is getting shut down at this point, because LTE is the mature, established technology that every $30 Aliexpress gimmick watch-phone uses these days.

With that, needless to say, the Teracube 2E is, indeed, fully compatible with LTE. At this point, LTE is last year’s technology, and for it to not support it would be a deal-breaker for most people (it’d be E-waste by the time it shipped!).

What’s new, though, is 5G - which is not related to LTE other than being a replacement for it. 5G, not to be confused with “5 GHz” as in WiFi, is as chuck full of memes as it is with chemtrail bats installing microchips in vaccines :joy: … but really, it’s the next evolution of phones, and 5G is the one thing phone makers are clamoring to implement. I wasn’t a fan of it, because I really thought it needed a re-branding after the memes “beat it to market”… but I warmed up to it after realizing that it can legitimately replace a home hard-wired internet connection and disrupt the Comcast/cable monopoly (I’m actually getting 5G home internet this week to replace Comcast).

So, LTE yes, 5G no.

Dual SIMs is simply there to provide slots for two different “identities” (the I in SIM means “identity” :slight_smile: ). You can have two phone numbers, two accounts, one phone. One work, one personal… or one primary personal and one backup personal (for travelers). It’s a common feature in phones outside the US (where people travel between regions a lot - in the US, we’re one big “island” so international travel is not as common). It’s a nice-to-have, but it isn’t related to GSM/CDMA.

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LOLOL. I have never seen that many conspiracy theories bundled that compactly. Kudos!