Teracube 2e DIY repair friendly

Hey guys!

My current cellphone is dying (charging port cannot be replaced) and I was looking for a new cellphone that would not give me that problem. I looked into the Fairphone (Europe only & quite expensive) for its replaceble Modules, and then found out about the Teracube 2e. There are a lot of articles online praising it for its DIY repair friendlyness, but I don’t seem to find parts anywhere. Their customer service also informed me they dont sell any and that no autorised sellers existed.

What are your thoughts and experiences on that? Is the only way through their warranty (which looks quite good, to be honest)?

Have a great day!

-From a Canadian who would love a phone that’s gonna last long, without breaking the bank.

@Sharad Warranty Covered?

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I don’t have any info on if/when spare parts will be available but anecdotally I have used their warranty service and got a new phone within a week of my request when the charger port on my original phone broke. Customer service is good although understandably perhaps slower than it would be for larger companies.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the reply.

As I understand it, their warranty is kinda their big seller. Can you say anything about the products durability? I mean, if you can compare it to other cellphones. I think the battery is removable and most things are held in place with screws, not soldered.

A little off topic but more concerning charging jacks. I’ve been using magnetic charging tips and cables for a few years now. It will save you a fortune in damaged charging jacks, they’re simple and easy to use and they also have the added benefit of keeping dirt out of your charging jack. I use the WSKEN X series now after using using 2 other brands. . One cable, 3 tips support micro USB, USB C and lightning.

Thanks for the heads up. It will surely be on my buying list. Anything to make it last longer and avoid having to change phone for a couple of years.