Teracube 2e for sale

I have a Teracube 2e (first batch) for sale. Phone has been used as a backup for my One Plus phone and is in pristine condition without scratches or dings. Phone has Supershieldz tempered glass on screen in place of original plastic. I have original case and packaging. I prefer buyer in the continental US. Phone has been updated to Android 11 without any problems. I am asking $150 and $15 for shipping/insurance or a total of $165.


I’m interested

If this is still available, how do I purchase?
I am located in the continental USA.

I’m interested too. Seattle area.

Phone is still available. I have exchanged personal emails with those persons who have indicated interest in purchasing the phone, but have not received any actual orders. If there is a reason that they have lost interest, please contact me again and perhaps we can work it out.

if your interested in shipping into canada I would be interested