Teracube 2e overall impressions

After 2 days of using the Teracube 2e, I thought I’d share my impressions and hope other Teracube 2e owners will chip in with theirs.

The packaging was simple, all cardboard, in line with the ecological promise.
Being based in Europe, mine came with a charger :grin:
Like others, I didn’t realise the peel-off film on the screen was actually a screen protector. Marking on it should make that more obvious.

Look and feel:
Good size, bright screen, with a little bit of yellow shimmer on text when scrolling.
The protective case provided has a hefty feel that makes up for the almost flimsy feel of the actual back cover. The lifted corners and thickness of the case give an impression of good overall protection from accidental drops.
The battery is easily removable as promised and putting in the SIM card was easy.

The Android 10 version installed is as vanilla as they come. I didn’t particularly like the default launcher and installed Nova Launcher. Sadly, this makes the “clear all” button inaccessible.
Writing this in March 2021, the Android security update on the phone is dated November 2020.

Through the speakers, sound is tinny.
Through headphones plugged into the audio jack, sound is fine.
I found the FM radio application pre-installed which was like time traveling.

With all the available adjustments between brightness, eyecare and night light, you can get things nicely tuned.
The only obvious weakness is in scrolling text that shows a blurry shimmer. Nothing that prevents reading however.

Overall performance:
For a phone this price, I’m quite impressed.
Despite my 178 applications, everything closes and opens quick enough.
Not a flagship by any means, but a decent device to carry out every day tasks.
Not sure how it would do with high power games.


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