Teracube 2e Review

Camera Update

I tried several more camera apps including Silent Camera, ProCam X - Lite and Camera MX with mixed results.

I’ve set Camera MX as my default. It’s HDR does not seem to slow down the system like the native T2e camera app, and Camera MX has easy to read and navigate icons.

HOWEVER, the video on Camera MX does NOT function. For video I’ll continue to use the native T2e app.

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GAps. agreed, thanks. I had no idea I cd turn those off without causing other problems.

But the camera really sucks. I don’t need art quality photos, but I need it to focus in a reasonable time frame and to do the job. Instead, all flash photos are blue, and the focus takes forever (I can only hold my hands still for so long…)

Also, I have had issues w phone calls not releasing after hanging up, and texts going into a loop and resending on their own. The only way to stop that seems to be re-booting, which is not always an option.

I don’t use a lot of bells and whistles. Most of the time, I don’t use most of the google apps (including maps), so I don’t understand why I only get almost a day on the battery (will try that app noted above, since I job includes superlong days and I need a phone that doesn’t need a charge during that time).

Overall, there are good things abt the teracube 2e, and I am grateful for a decent basic phone, but a couple of fixes really need to happen before the next iteration hits.

If your flash photos are blue, your white balance is off for the particular flash you have. Manufacturing variations in LEDs can cause the standard camera settings to be off. In the camera, choose “More…Pro Mode…White Balance.” Try using “Sunlight,” “Shade,” or “Cloudy” to make the pictures look warmer and less blue.

As for the focus, I don’t know what to tell you. My phone camera focuses almost as fast as my mirrorless camera everywhere except in low light shots. In indoor level lighting, it takes my phone about 2 seconds to gain focus while my dedicated camera focuses almost instantly. Outdoors, it’s hard to notice a difference at all between my phone and my dedicated camera.

As for your phone calls and texts issues, if it’s not issues with the carrier and if your messaging and phone apps are up to date, you may have a case for warranty replacement. First, I would check with the carrier and make sure the network settings and APN’s are all set correctly in the Android settings.

One other thing to check, the current version of the phone app from Google has a setting to look up the caller number through Google Assistant before passing it through. This is being sold as a method to filter Spam while still allowing “Google partner businesses” through. If you have the Google app and the Google Assistant app disabled, try opening the 3 dot menu in your phone app, then choose “Settings…Caller ID & Spam” and then disable these two features: “Filter spam calls” and “Verified Calls.” You should be able to leave “See caller and spam ID” enabled. If those other two are enabled when Google Assistant and the Google App are both disabled, you may get weird things happening. Those two “features” were added to the app in the last two months. As I still get potential spam calls marked as such (not blocked unless I add them to my block list), I see no advantage to adding Google as an intermediary between me and other callers.

Do you have any recommendations on the open source apps alternatives for Google Apps? I hate the preinstalling nature of Android runnned smartphones, and im not sure which would be really needed for the phone to run.

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