Teracube 2e screen and polarized glasses

I use the 2e as a second work phone for Doordash, Instacart and GoPuff. I’ve noticed a severe flaw with the 2e and that issue is that the visibility is greatly diminished when using polarized glasses. Like the screen is virtually unusable idk I think it was because I removed the screen protector but even then so it should’ve still worked. Help!

Nah, nothing to do with the screen protector. LCD Screens use a polarizing filter as part of their construction. Using any polarized lenses with LCD Screens invites this problem, unfortunately.

Is using the phone rotated 45deg or 90deg from where it is normally held an option for you? Shouldn’t need too much of an offset to get visibility back. Alternative solution would be to just use regular non-polarized tints when you’re working with the phone.

I know the pain. I had to switch to OLED in the field for this reason.