Teracube 2e screen protector

Hi, I am bit confused, i havent had any screen protector in the package (didnt expect one anyway). I checked some unboxing videos on youtube, seems like they didnt have neither. But you dont mean the one with the brand on it which is on the phone already? I have bought some alternative ones, still to put on, but used to it that for such alternative phone you dont have the immediate ´right fitting´ones.

Hi @NKK - I’m guessing you are referring to Teracube 2e. The article you replied to was meant for Teracube one.

Teracube 2e comes with a plastic screen protector factory installed. It has 2-layers - the top layer which has the logo needs to be peeled carefully to leave the screen protector on the screen.

There are options to install tempered glass screen protector as well. Here is more information on that

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