[Official] Teracube 2e tempered glass screen protectors

Teracube 2e glass screen protectors are live on Amazon Internationally.
ps: Please follow this 3rd party youtube video as an installation guide.

Also available on our website with this direct link. Please note that these do not come with any installation wipes, etc.

As an alternative, screen protectors made for Huawei Y6/Y6s will also work. These should be available in all countries. See links in the below thread.


Is there a non-Amazon option?

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Eventually we will have them available on our store as well. In the interim, you can email support@myteracube and the team should be able to take your payment via paypal and ship a unit.


Is there a film one on the unit as shipped? (not the one with the logo). It looks like it but hard to tell.

The ones on sale are tempered glass screen protectors - smoother and much more protective than the one that was factory installed. However do note the installation process if you have never installed a glass screen protector before.

My set seems to be defective. I tried both and they have the same issue. The right side of the screen protector refuses to fully apply. If you look at the Amazon reviews, my phone looks about the same as one of the reviewers that posted a photo. I wanted to ask what I should do from here, instead of leaving a negative review and asking Amazon for a refund.

I can send you pictures, but they’re horrible quality from my old phone.

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As mentioned on this other thread - this could be a sizing issue and would be same for all units of our protectors. If you are not comfortable with this, other option is to try different variants of screen protectors made for Huawei y6, y6s or Honor 8A (all of them have the same screen size as 2e)

Yay it’s pretty bad. Out of all the glass screen protectors I’ve had, I’ve never had one with this large of an air gap. Most have none or barely noticeable.

Just installed my teracube screen protector and I’m also getting a slight bubble all along the right edge only as @logancat24 mentioned, but sounds like maybe mine isn’t as severe. It really isn’t that bad but it will probably bug me. Just hope it doesn’t allow for dust to get in etc

Hi @Sharad, I was a little disappointed to get my screen protector set in the mail today in an Amazon package after I ordered from teracube directly. Does teracube basically place an amazon order for us? I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose of avoiding buying from Amazon.

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Was there ever any news on this? I’d like to buy a screen protector too but am boycotting amazon for obvious reasons.

Yes - only shipping within US though (direct link).

Perhaps I’m being dense, but there doesn’t appear to be an option to buy the item via that link.

Try turning off Adblock if you have it on? Fixed it for me.

They are fulfilled from our partner warehouse in NJ - not Amazon :slight_smile:

Ah. Sorry.

Any ide when these will be available for shipping outside the US?
I’ve got the halo issue on the righthand side with the supershieldz ones unfortunately

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I can’t even find them in the US… No checkout button on Teracube’s site. :man_shrugging:

Use the direct link earlier in the thread.

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