Teracube 2e screen replacement buy in Europe

I have phone with cracked screen. I want buy screen replacenent with delivery in Europe, but its out of stock.
First answer from support in December 2021:
“…we will have screen replacement kits available in Early January when we have more devices in stock.”
I ve asked again in half January 2022:
“We still haven’t received replacement screens yet, we have just received replacement units in the EU, so we expect replacement screens to be available pretty soon but still no estimated time.”

I don’t understand this policy.
I’m mad.
I have some importand data for me, screen is completely black and i can’t do backup and i don’t know when i be able to order screen if even company don’t know when they will have screens for sale.

Hi @asdf - we apologize for the slow availability of spare parts. We have been working on making them available worldwide - however, logistics have been tricky to solidify.

Please tag this post in your email and I’ll work with our Operations Team in getting a unit shipped to you asap.

Tageed correctly?

Dnia 21 lutego 2022 20:58:14 CET, Sharad via Teracube Community no-reply@myteracube.com napisał/a:

Sorry - I meant please send an email to support@myteracube.com with a link to this forum topic.

I ve got respond:
“…Unfortunately, we can only ship screen replacement parts within US due to stock availability. However, we can still process a repair/replacement for your device…”

I don’t wand send phone. I just need new screen :confused:

It should be possible to ship from US to Europe when out of stock in Europe.

Was posibility to delivery from US to Europe for 20$. My new screen is in transit now :slight_smile:


Hi, can you please link me to the page where screen replacement spare parts are avaiable for EU shipping? I can’t find it yet

Hi @TeraAle - we have shipped inventory to the EU warehouse. I’ll check the status and respond back soon.

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thank you for your support :pray: