Teracube 2e shipping, phome number requested

Hi there,

yesterday I received a mail from the sender hello@myteracube.com, asking for my phone number as it is needed for the shipping carrier to make the delivery.
In it there is a field which is supposed the phone number to be written in, but it redirects to a web page with a very long address when clicking on it.

As I find it somewhat strange, first because I supplied the phone number to the Indiegogo campaign at the time so they should have provided it to you, second because of the strange behaviour of the redirection and the weird address of the landing page, I’m asking if anyone of the team can tell me if this is a legit mail from you, or if any other backer has also received a request like this.
If it’s of any relevance, my phone has to be delivered in Europe.

Thanks to all, team and backers as well.

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We appreciate you checking with us. Yes - that email was sent by us to all backers whose phone number was not accepted by our system. The long url is for mailerlite - the service hosting our emails and forms. If you feel uncomfortable providing your phone number in the form, you can reply to the email with the requested information.


No problem, already done.
Thank you very much.

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