Teracube 2e USB-C Board replacement guide

Hi Everyone,

My Teracube 2e is having a little problem with the USB-C connector, plugs just don’t “click” into place anymore and keep falling out during charge.

So I’ve purchased a replacement USB-C board in the hope that this will renew the clickiness of the socket. However I don’t see any guides in the guide section of this forum on how to replace it and there were no instructions with the replacement part.

Is there a guide somewhere and if not could one be made and posted to the guide section?

I had a Fairphone2 and the similar module just screwed into place, this looks like it might be a little more tricky.

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Hi @rjf_T2e - we don’t have instructions yet. I have added this to our internal work log.

In the meantime, I’ll suggest taking help from a technician for the replacement.

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Hi @Sharad - turns out my particular issue was just pocket fluff! A gentle teasing with a thin wooden splint and some canned air removed a spongey oval of felted fluff that was preventing the plug from reaching the click point and now my charging cable clicks into place. I should have tried the easy solution first!

However I look forward to a guide to replacing the the USB-C module, I know it will be necessary at some point.

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@rjf_T2e - I’m glad it worked out. Thanks for reporting it back :slight_smile: .