Teracube 3e: Desired Features

Another one bites the dust. LG
has just announced that it will no longer produce smartphones.
With the G5 LG had a highly regarded modular model on offer in 2016. However, production was quickly stopped again. Allegedly because the customers did not accept this modular approach and did not buy the device. But probably also because LG was unable to deliver further modules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LG_G5

Yes, I am also too much of an idiot, myself! (:

Because of this, I have a box of ziploc bags when it does decide to rain. I am not taking any more chances with this phone… I still need to repair the Teracube One, it never left my hands, while in the rain… and now it’s worthless, except for the data that I hope is still there…


A better camera is probably the top of the list for me (and my wife even more so). I’ve mentioned it in other threads, but the camera we have is subpar. My HTC One from over eight years ago had a superior camera. I’m faced with needing to just buy my wife another phone because she’s so disappointed in this experiment, and I can’t really blame her (which of course defeats the purpose of sustainability). Worse still, I had to change my carrier to utilize the 2e, and our old phones won’t work on the new one, so I can’t even simply switch her’s back.

I’m honestly ok with pretty much everything else on the 2e considering the price paid, but this camera takes 1 good pic for every 4 garbage shots (and Open Camera or other apps only marginally help).


I agree, I would like louder and better speakers and better camera.

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A decent camera. Doesn’t need more megapixels not more lenses/sensors. Last time I saw a camera this bad was on a $50 burner.

Drop the second lower-res sensor and just go with a basic but decent 13mp module. Whatever Moto used on their G5 and G6 series (13mp Sony, I think) took quite decent snaps and couldn’t have been very expensive then and are probably dirt cheap by now.

Also, I’m not sure how well the 2e’s current chipset and memory will hold up after three more os updates. Durability includes actual future usability, not just hardware functionality. I have a box full of old phones that are still perfectly functional as designed, but would be useless with a current os on them.

Otherwise, I appreciate the move towards sustainability and repairability, and with the exception of the practically useless camera, I’m pleased with the price/performance ratio of the current 2e.


Specs comparable to midrange-high end phones around then, the main reason I didn’t decide to purchase a phone from teracube yet was the lack of a higher tier phone with better specs the were comparable to other mid-high end phones.

Perhaps someone from Engineering can tell us what decisions have a sustainability impact. I had bought the Teracube 2e because I though the sustainable features mentioned made sense to me but I do not understand phone manufacturing so do not understand the decisions to be made.
Some “Would you rather have…” questions would be helpful.

  1. Maintaining roughly the same price point would be nice. Affordability was a key driver in my purchase. I also have OnePlus but their prices by skyrocketed. I would think that Teracube can differentiate themselves as the the best value phone.
    Does Teracube want to fight in the premium phone marketplace?
    How can the customer base help in marketing the phone? I for one would be happy to use my social media to promote Teracube.