Teracube 3e: Desired Features

Hi @spencer_silberstein - you bring some valid points. Not sure if you have installed SW16 update on your 2e - it brings the latest security updates.

Regarding Android versions, yes we are lagging behind - no questions there. However, we have spent this time building expertise related to Android updates which other manufacturers have quite a lead on. And we are making progress - noteworthy being our T1-Android10 release. And work for Android 11 has already started. You have my word - we will continue to close the gap :slight_smile:.

Regarding the retail price, our value has never been just hardware+software. We take pride in offering one of the best warranty and customer service experiences among the smartphone brands. So yes, while we may not offer the best hardware or software at a particular price point, we do hope that what we offer in addition is worth it.


Here’s to the little fish making their way in a big pond. Well done Team Teracube. (Raises Whiskey Glass)


THX for your reliable support. I just updated my Teracube to Android 10. That went very quickly and didn’t cause any problems.
Best regards from Berlin.