Teracube e charger with cable not available

I’ve lost my charger and cable, and am using a generic one. That one won’t let me tether the phone to my PC. Cannot transfer data. Any news on when it will be available again?

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Any standard USB-C cable with Data support will allow you to charge and transfer data from the phone.

If you have a store like Best Buy or Target or WalMart, you can grab a cable there.

What region are you shopping our Web Store for the charger/cable?

Thank you for the reply.

I live in Seattle, WA. I bought a charger off Amazon. It weakened my battery, and have now ordered a new one. Maybe it was too strong?

The main reason I wanted the teracube charger/cable was to tether my phone to my computer so I could transfer data. In one of the Amazon reviews someone stated that you needed an OEM cable to do that.

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Nope! But there do exist Charge-Only cables, oftentimes with no labeling or any outward sign the data pints are not connected, which is maddening, haha.