Teracube on Verizon, any hope?

Are there any plans to get the Teracube One working on Verizon or any of their MVNOs? I’m on a Cricket family plan and most of the phones on the plan (including my Teracube) are showing as incompatible come February according to Cricket’s website. Since most of them are also incompatible with any AT&T, but are good with Verizon, we’re looking to switch to them. (T-mobile isn’t an option due to limited coverage where some of us are.) I’ve really liked my Teracube and would like to keep it, but without Verizon support, that’s going to be hard.

Not unless the next Teracube phone supports it, or Verizon finally ditches CDMA. That’s supposedly happening in 2022 but they delayed it at least twice already (originally supposed to happen in 2019, then delayed until December 2020, then delayed again).

You might get it to work unofficially, but it’s a process that often doesn’t work very well if at all.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, the 3G shutdown is what’s driving us away from AT&T and toward Verizon. And we need to move prior to the shutdown. I may just try it, see if it works, and have a contingency plan ready to go.

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