Teracube One and Cricket Wireless Service Ends February 2022

I just got a message from Cricket Wireless informing me that my phone will no longer work on their ATT network beginning February 2022. Is there a work-around for this? Whenever I call Cricket, I get the runaround from their customer service. Please help. Love my phone and don’t want to buy another phone. My daughter also has a Teracube One. Thanks for any help!!!

I am receiving the same message and am unsure as to how to proceed. I have looked at a couple of threads on this forum, but I see conflicting advice. Some seem to suggest that I remove the SIM from my Teracube One, put it in an approved phone, then put it back into the Teracube. But then on another thread, the advice was NOT to remove the SIM.

The phone has been working fine on Cricket Wireless, but I’m wondering what is going to happen in February. I did put in the IMEI number on Cricket’s website, and it indicated that my phone would not be compatible.


Hi @zekespeare and @britspaniel777 - Teracube One has been certified by AT&T for both AT&T and Cricket. So it should continue to work beyond Feb 2022. Most likely these messages are generic and are being sent to many other BYOD phones.

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Thank you for the quick reply, @Sharad. I shall happily continue using my Teracube.

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