Teracube One Android 10 updates

Right it’s been over a week and I haven’t heard a response to this question yet. Give us an update. Something.

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Hi everyone,

We have made some progress and a slight back step. We have been able to get fingerprint, NFC working. However, VoLTE is now broken - the team is working on that.

At this point, it is difficult to estimate a release date as we are dealing with some unknowns. Instead, we will focus on giving an update every 2-3 weeks.

Here is a short video of T1 running Android 10.


Thanks for the update!


This is very discouraging…

My Google Fi recognized my T1


Really? Care to share the steps required to make it work? I am intrigued.


Hi All,

I have some great news! We are ready for community testing of our Android 10 Alpha build. This is early stage software and is still far from a full production release. However, you can feel our excitement as the new player on the block working on our 1st Android upgrade :slight_smile:.

This Alpha build is not for everyone though. Read more here and jump in if you are in for some excitement!

Next steps:

  1. Continue testing and fixing bugs. The more test users get involved, faster it’ll be.
  2. Once the build is ready, we do internal CTS (Google) testing.
  3. Do external testing with 3rd party lab authorized by Google.

No OTA version?

Since this is a very early release of the software, we will not be releasing it OTA.

Again, as @Sharad mentioned in his post, this Alpha build IS NOT SOMETHING for everyone. It is only good testing software is something fun and interesting for you. Please proceed with great caution. You have been warned. :slight_smile:

Once the software is tested and stable, we will distribute it broadly to all customers and that includes OTA.


I wouldn’t mind testing it and reporting any bugs, only if it was OTA, as I don’t want to start from scratch.

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They’ll likely have an OTA-compatible zip during beta, like with previous builds.


Make sure you’re using a Fi SIM and put it in. That’s how I got mine up and running.

Hi Anthony,

Any news on A10 beta or final release? Thanks

Will this happen in 2020??? That is the real question. Or by Spring 2020, was Spring 2021 what was really meant. I sure hope 11 is on the heals of 10 as we are getting pretty far behind considering 12 release dates are starting to be rumored. Sorry I am just growing more impatient

Here are the updates since our 1st Alpha release:

  1. We have run executed internal CTS (Google) test runs. Currently fixing reported bugs.
    1.1 Internal CTS test runs will allow us to pass Google 3rd party lab testing smoothly.
  2. LED notifications have been fixed.
  3. Selfie camera brightness issue fixed.
  4. Should release Alpha2 build within 1-2 weeks.

Next steps
Fixing the CTS issues may take some time as our dev team will be taking time off during the holidays. We will report back once we have more progress.


Thanks for the update! Always nice to hear what’s happening at Teracube. :blush:

I appreciate that you guys are taking your time with this. I’d rather a bug-free Android 10 as opposed to a rushed software upgrade!

Besides, it’s not like Android 9 is detrimental to my health at the moment. I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about than upgrading my phone’s version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy holidays to the whole Teracube team! It’s been a rough year for all of us, so I hope you can take a little breather before tackling your next challenges. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only thing I’ve noticed on the TeraCube Android 9 release that I “need” is that Google Workplace Profiles are broken on my device, but they work brilliantly under even the Android 10 Alpha.

If nothing else, it’ll be great to have access to my work e-mail from a device and not just a browser since I’m remote-work now.

It’d be even better if my workplace could turn that off, but apparently Google is enforcing it on enterprise Google Apps licensees now, for “security”, I’m sure :roll_eyes:

Android 10 Alpha runs pretty darn smooth, so that’s exciting! Even more exciting is that the Android 11 GSI also worked great. I think our TeraCubes have a long, useful life ahead of them yet! Once someone rolls a GSI for Android 12, I’ll give that a shot as well. I imagine it’ll also work quite well on our hardware.


Almost Feb…

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Sorry about the vacuum. Fixing CTS issues is taking much longer than we anticipated. I’ll get a detailed update from the Dev team and post within 1-2 days.



Any news is good news!