[Alpha] Android 10 for Teracube One

Update: The link in step 2 below now points to the latest Alpha9 build. Note: Alpha builds will require data reset while upgrading - we are looking into this issue. Everything else works.

We are very excited to announce that we have an Alpha version of Android 10 available for testing on Teracube One. The Dev team has been hard at work implementing Android 10 features and fixing bugs.

The build itself has gone through some internal testing and will/does have issues - that’s the whole point of more testing :wink:.

** Warning **
Not for the faint hearted. This is Alpha stage software. If something goes wrong, you might lose your data and might have to re-flash Android 9 using SP Flash software.

What works: Check changelog here.

Almost everything - VoLTE, VoWiFi, Fingerprint, LTE, Google Play store, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, Proximity sensor and more.

What does not work yet: LED notification light, Google Pay.


  1. Backup your data. This install will erase your userdata. So you will have to do a fresh restore from Google or elsewhere.

  2. Download the A10-Alpha zip file - version 9 and unzip it on your Windows 10 PC.

  3. Unlock bootloader and stay in Fastboot mode.
    – If your bootloader was already unlocked, then simply go to fastboot mode using the steps in bootloader unlocking.

  4. Connect the phone to the computer.

  5. Go to the downloaded folder and double-click the “flash-all.bat” file. It will flash all partitions and reboot the phone automatically.

The script will take few minutes to flash all partitions.

  1. After reboot, setup the phone per your user preference.

That’s it - now you are part of our Android 10 testing group (Welcome!). Report any bugs/issues on this post (Known issues listed above).


Must you have a Windows 10 PC? I’m running Windows 7 Pro - don’t laugh people :laughing:


In theory should work with Win 7 PCs but we haven’t tried it yet.

It’s a simple batch script that calls fastboot. You’re good provided you have the right drivers installed.

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Rear camera:
No Flash
No RAW support

Are you sure? I just now tested - I have working Flash. And AF seems to be working as well.

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Yep, tested multiple times across stock camera, Simple Camera, and OpenCamera.

Maybe missing blob since I flashed over from /e/OS?

Could you flash SW6/SW7 first and then try again.

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SPFlash to SW6, on-device update to SW7, then upgrade to Android 10 Alpha using flash_all.bat.

This time, Flash is working, but no Autofocus, still.

Sharod or Anthony – how many folks have downloaded the alpha so far?

We don’t have a way right now. I guess people can post an ack if they are in. It is also a privacy oriented feature - we would rather not collect that data.


New Alpha 9 build. Download from step 2 here.


Full changelog from Alpha 1:

  • Apply security patches upto January 2021 bulletin
  • Switch to “user” builds
  • Enforce SELinux
  • Update to a new kernel base
  • Lots of fixes for CTS r6
  • Multiple UI/UX improvements
    • Add icon for VoLTE
    • Fix some jank in Launcher, improve UI
    • New bootanimation
    • Make all icons round by default
    • Improve dark mode colors
    • Improve several SystemUI default design elements
  • Update default APN configuration
  • Fix front camera inconsistent lighting
  • Fix inconsistent fingerprint unlock when dozing
  • Fix issues with dm-verity
  • Fix boot-up on locked bootloader
  • Fix an issue with 1080p60 YouTube videos lagging
  • Minor fixes to Bluetooth audio
  • Fix notification LED
  • Remove DuraSpeed
  • Various memory and performance fixes

Outstanding Issues

  • Keystore issue that is forcing a data reset requirement for every upgrade
  • 3 more CTS issues left
  • Need to run VTS and GTS tests.

This excites me.

This makes me sad. I actually used it, haha.

This could hopefully, finally, mean my wife’s hearing aids will work.


After flashing, I still see the following message when I restart.
“Orange State. Your device has been unlocked and cant be trusted.”

How can I restore it so its not in orange state anymore.

Alpha 9 is signed, and dm-verity is fixed. You can relock your bootloader if you wish to. Do note, you will lose data whenever you lock or unlock your bootloader :smile:


Was able to lock bootloader by using the command “fastboot flashing lock” at command prompt in “platform-tools” directory. It gave the following output. Hope this is all that needs to be done.

(bootloader) Start lock flow
OKAY [ 90.047s]
Finished. Total time: 90.051s

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If the build boots then you are all set.

The build booted up without “Orange State” alert
and I have Android 10 with security patch from Nov 5, 2020.
Build number is Teracube_2e_06 & Kernel version is 4.9.190

I’m assuming security patches are automatically sent to Teracubes.

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Wen are we coming to have android 10

Just to clarify - this thread and Alpha build is for Teracube One. Your comments refer to Teracube 2e. Did you install this build on 2e? Or do you have happen to have both phones?