Teracube One + Roadmap Questions + Ideas from a frustrated repair specialist

I would have bought it sooner had i heard about it. MediaTek P60 and 6gb RAM is a solid spec but i just cant go for the MediaTek A25 and 4gb. i cant justify the downgrade :confused: 6gb is already a downgrade and i use multitask and stream heavily, hence why im looking for an easily repairable phone. All of the phones in this category are 4gb RAM with the decent 632 but Teracube 2e has an A25 with 4 of the 8 cores @ 1.5 GHz this is simply not future proof. Not even for the next 4 years.

I would like to buy a Teracube 1 new. Is this no longer possible? Thanks in advance!
Also if you plan on rereleasing the Teracube 1 specs but with the Teracube 2e’s modular design that would be a great idea and when could I expect that? Because i might just hold out for that.

Random Ideas Because im an independant repair specialist and have a vested interest in this industry exploding
If you Focus on Right-to-Repair in your marketing rather than material sustainability you can take advantage of a burgeoning social movement and political push to motivate people to buy your product for ideological reasons and it would be the demographic to spend a lot, the sustainability demographic isn’t whale-dense, the tech enthusiast demo is.

Also Louis Rossman on youtube. Get an interview with him. Great channel for techies and repair enthusiasts. Over a million suscribers and big in the Right-to-Repair scene. And is literally looking for someone other than him to share the spotlight right now! A lot of independent repair shops watch him and could help promote your phones to the exact audience that will literally salivate over Fairphone 3+ style Phones being brought to US carrier bands.

What about a made to order flagship competitor? I could see the cost per phone multiplying in a made to order system depending on the manufacturing circumstances. Still could be worth it to create a higher end model and have whales that can eat the cost help generate some revenue (again depends on how many times more expensive it would be, but the Librem5 is 2k). People would pay 1-2k for 8gb-12gb with sd 845+ keep the same screen and body as the 2e and make it made to order? You could have that sitting in the background while you continue on your roadmap.

idk maybe its a silly idea but a cheaply repairable flagship competitor could put you on the map especially if some of the big youtube reviewers got it in their hands. Plus this is practically the only modular phone available in the US (librem5 is too niche)

Also would some people out to Shenzhen help you fabricate prototypes cheaply and quickly and make a made to order system cheaper? idk now im idea-vomiting.

Use the cheap labor save me money we can make Right-to-Repair more marketable to more people than Samsung and Apples stupid phone insurance programs like Apple Care… As long as we dont jump on some moral high horse before we have enough of a market-share. Once self-repairable phones without OS DRM built into the chips has controlling industry marketshare im all for sustainable fair-trade every employee paid 100 grand a year or whatever the utopian dream is but were never going to take over and cut into the techno-oligarchs pockets thinking like that this early. We need to be subversive. We should look at it like gorilla warfare with different rules of engagement.

At the end of the day. You absolutely need higher spec variants that share the same body as your lower spec variants screen, body, maybe a bigger battery if you can fit it in the same form factor. This will allow you to not only capture both Demos, but also allow someone who bought a lower spec model upgrade the circuit board to the higher spec model for a discount. It will allow you to create a marketplace of universally applicable parts that will save you money on manufacturing costs.

That marketplace can then be used to flood shops like the ones ive worked for with cost effective spare parts giving consumers a competitive marketplace to receive cheap quality repair work. Not to mention you could save more money on manufacturing by selling build it yourself kits with no more than a 30 day return policy.

Repair shops could stock them and build them, offering their own warranty independent of you shielding you from extra cost and creating a derivative market more people can eat off of. This would be profitable to both parties due to the universally applicable cheaply available parts. You could license the form factor to third parties interested in creating camera modules, circuit boards, alternate bodies, etc… Just lofty industry roadmap ideas that to me make more sense than what Apple and Samsung are doing


im def up for a higher end model myself. the a25 is okay but was a huge step down for me as well.

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If they have room on the circuit board as its currently designed to fit a p60 and the extra RAM they could release it in the same housing as 2e and call it 2v or something. Offer extra circuit boards as an upgrade idk.

I bought a Razer Phone 6 months ago, screen would be hella easy to replace if any working ones existed on the internet. looking for a phone i wont need to replace for 4 years. 2e isnt it. wish it was

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