Teracube Original(first version) on H2O wireless with Wifi calling enabled

Hi, I live in a weak cellsignal area. I have turned on wifi calling to overcome the call quality issues. It seems after few hours all my incomings calls end up going to voice mail directly. Issue seems to be temporarily gone once I restart and comes back after few hours. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.

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I have similar behavior on my One with CricKet, another AT&T MVNO with Wi-Fi Calling.

I need to restart my phone daily to maintain VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling capabilities.

I have adjusted my APN settings to match the recommended by CricKet, but I think it might just be AT&T being picky about BYOD phones, unfortunately.

Thank you for your response.
I was hoping to see the wifi symbol/icon on the calls made after the restart but I don’t see any. I suspect if the wifi calling is even working. Note my wifi calling are turned on in the settings.
How do you tell if your calls are going over wifi or mobile network? Thank you.

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