Terracube 2e running iodé software can’t switch off SIM

My partner and I each purchased a Teracube 2e. The first in 2021 and the second in 2022. Both phones are running iodé version of android software (iodeOS A2.11).

For some reason the phone software looks different and operates differently on each phone. For example on 2022 phone I can turn a SIM off but on the 2021 phone I don’t have the option.

Screenshots are below. Please help!

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Can you confirm that the Serial Numbers for both phones begin with either 20 or 21?

There are two hardware/firmware variants of the TeraCube 2E, the 2020 (Zirconia) and the 2021 (Emerald).


Thanks for your prompt response.

The serial number for the phone purchased in 2021 begins with 202011T2E…

The serial number for the phone purchased in 2022 begins with

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Have you followed up with the iode developers on their Community regarding this platform difference?

If you reference this thread, it should give them a great starting point to investigate further.

The SIM enable/disable feature was removed from newer versions of AOSP (open-source Android).

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