Text and phone unlinking issues

OK, every time I make a call using my car bluetooth, I have to turn the phone off and restart to get it to give back control (or at least hang up on the person). Something similar has been happening in a weird way with texts — sending a text puts it into a loop that won’t release until I reboot.
This is not ok. Has anyone else had this problem?

Just to confirm, just sending a text leads to a loop? Is it easily reproducible? It will be helpful if you can repro and share bug report using the steps in this post.

Also could you provide a quick video of what you mean by a text loop? If privacy is an issue, you can email that as well to devs@myteracube.com (instead of posting here).

I can’t do a screenshot for the text loop, but the recipient told me they were getting repeat loops of that text until I literally re-booted my phone
I will put it in a bug report.
But I still have trouble unlinking a phone call after hanging up, also without rebooting my phone.