The future of Teracube

Is it too soon to ask this question? Just wanted to know what was in store for this company. Perhaps an even more powerful Teracube smartphone? I know we have software updates coming soon. So what’s next and how soon will we know. Can we get a sneak peek or a clue?


My friend and I have had our 2e’s for about a week now and we are both thrilled with the value & features. I wish this company all of the success they deserve. If they offer a high spec phone while keeping the dual SIM and replaceable battery, I’M THERE.
I have some nice phones such as a Note 8, OnePlus 6T, iphone SE 2020, LG V20 ECT ECT and although the performance is better, it’s not 2X or 4X better as the pricing suggests. None of them are even close in repairability & value.
I became aware of Teracube while looking at the not available in the US Fairphone. My friend jumped on a pair of 2e’s


Exactly how I came upon the One. This space is massively underdeveloped, and I hope TeraCube can serve it well.


I had been cruising gsmarena looking for a device with decent gps and enough sensors that I could use it to navigate while sailing. And then what should pop up on my Facebook feed but an ad for indegogo and the teracube 2e. I rarely click on that stuff, but I’m glad I did. This phone is exactly what I wanted and the replaceable battery hooked me! I hope they sell a million of 'em. I think teracube’s best future is in a reasonably priced feature rich device. If I could add anything to it, it would be splash resistant.


My T2e setup:

256gb microsd
WSKen magnetic charger tip to eliminate jack wear
Metal plate inside the case for my RAM magnetic mount
Nova Launcher with Steelicons custom icons
True Phone dialer app
Open Camera app (huge improvement!)
Textra texting app
File Manager+ app
Opera & Samsung Internet browsers offline maps. Worldwide maps available.
I’ve tested them all over the US & the Philippines.
Transparent Weather widget.

I always use the same setup across my range of Android phones. The only app that didn’t work that well was Absolute RC flight simulator. Some frame skips. That’s ok, I normally use it on my tablet.
All in all, a great phone. Hope to see a higher spec version down the road. Must have the same features as the 2e though! No more glued together, expensive fragile glass phones for me.


What brand and particulars on the SDcard? Would like to use a card larger than 128 (current card) and since yours is working, sounds like a good upgrade.

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It is a Sandisk 256gb. I put the same one in my friend’s phone. Working great. I save my offline maps, music, podcasts & pictures on it. Currently using 40gb on it with a TON of stuff. I put it in the phone, selected STORAGE in Settings and did the format so that the phone could read it.

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