The missing small Android phones: A job for Teracube?

I was disappointed that the 2e was bigger and heavier than the One (which I have stuck with). Have y’all considered going in the other direction? Seems like an opportunity.


Could be a good idea for our upcoming Kids phone Thrive. At some point, yes - not sure when though :slight_smile:.

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Yes, I was surprised that the specs said the Thrive would be heavier than the One! If the Thrive were smaller and lighter, I would definitely get that and put Lineage on it:)

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I recently purchased a Samsung S4 on eBay in search of a small android phone. I plan on installing /e/ on it and using it as my tester. I signed this guy’s petition but I think he’s way off on the price point! I don’t need a bunch of pro-quality cameras or whatever makes it $700+. The Tcube’s price point is perfect. Also, also, I like the S4 has a removeable/replaceable battery.

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