The no charger debate

I was watching a Mrwhosetheboss video the other day about removing chargers from the boxes and if that was really green or if it was shifting the carbon footprint from the company to the consumer.

I recommend watching the video below in it’s entirely because it’s a conversation we should be having. As a growing company that takes the consumer into consideration. I hope you don’t ignore this.


This video does indeed make some good points. I think maybe at least a Data/Charge Cable might be a good idea.

However we could expand on ideology here as there is now Wall Sockets with built in USB charge ports and we all need power bars for multiple devices; many have usb charge ports built in. Now the quality of the chargers is something companies/consumers should invest in quality vs cheap quantity.

Lithium batteries themselves are not very green once you research what is involved.

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This is indeed a hot topic especially since almost all smartphone companies are doing it now (not including the charger). I do want to add that Teracube might have beaten Apple and Samsung to it :slight_smile:.

The reviewer has given some seemingly valid points. I get the Amazon logic and the fact that chargers can go bad in some time. However, they still have a much higher chance of lasting more than smartphones. And regarding ecommerce wastage - that is a different conversation altogether on how much we are buying and what is the sustainable way of consumption. A charger once in few years will not tip the ecommerce wastage scale.

I’m biased of course :slight_smile:. Regardless, I think its still worth an experiment to not include a charger in the box and users buy it if they need one. If it doesn’t go well - maybe the trend gets reversed in few years.


My two cents worth - If you say up front, as Teracube did, that a charger is not going to come in the shipping box, then there is no reason for someone to expect one.