The Teracube One has bitten the dust?

Welp, I apologize if this cannot be a supported issue, but the touchscreen on the One no longer works.

I was outside using it last week in the ridiculous Northwest weather. It never left my hand (as in being dropped into a puddle, something like that), but in that day, it was flickering wildly, where I am sure anyone would be given a seizure just by looking at it.

I thought it would dry out and return to normal. But it hasn’t recovered since the 12th. I must admit, I keep my utility bill rather low, even during winter. I wear sweaters and avoid turning up the heat. But I turned up the heat just now because I am running out of options of what to do.

I keep restarting it every day because the screen to enter my PIN isn’t working. But it still isn’t working now. Maybe I should have used rice when I got home, but I don’t have any rice, as I am also on a diet now.

i was wanting to save this phone for emergency use while at home. But, as you see, I did a dumb thing and took out the One anyway, as I wasn’t done setting up apps on the 2e.

Anyway, how do I recover this phone? And knowing how rain was able to ruin it while it was in my hand, what’s the best way on keeping the 2e safe? Should I have it in a ziploc plastic bag, made for keeping a sandwich contained together (like an egg salad sandwich) in a lunch bag?

No solution is too weird for me! Thanks in advance!

Hi @Carl.Bond - sorry to hear that. As mentioned on their respective pages - both Teracube One and 2e are not water proof. There are few suggestions on this thread on how to dry out the phone. If nothing works, you can reach out to support at for a water damage replacement.

Regarding how to keep Teracube 2e safe - best to keep it out of rain/water as much as possible. Carrying in a ziploc or a water proof bag might be best.



This might be a cool product to look into. I have seen other similar products in sprays.

Not being able to charge it for 24 hours might be a problem for me. But at least there is an attempt by companies at consumer product shows to offer a dialogue forward.

From this, maybe the time to not charge the phone after an accident can be halved or even quartered, once other people or companies get involved in this sort of thing. Who knows what holds in store for any of us in the future, once someone gets the conversation going, where that would lead all of us…

Thank you!

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