The way forward for Teracube

Teracube has a noble mission. However, I feel that the Teracube 2e is not able to live up to the promise of that mission.

Being a small-startup, y’all have probably faced a ton of difficulties in getting the teracube phones updated.

You can have a $200 conventional phone with decently good specs or you can have a $200 with not so good specs and a 4year warranty & 3-year updates. By targeting a $200 price point there is not enough margin left.

I would propose a Teracube 3 as a $300-$350 phone which will allow for decently good specs as well as enough margin for a 4year warranty & 3-year software support.

So, I think the way forward for teracube would be updating the Teracube One and the 2e to Android 11 with the latest security patches and then launch a kickstarter/indiegogo again in 2022 for the Teracube 3.

(Maybe a Dimensity 810 chipset with 6gb ram and 128gb storage…just please avoid macro/monochrome cameras as a 3rd camera)

The phones should be receiving security updates atleast quarterly. (To reduce load on your team I would suggest partnering up with another brand which has phones with a similar chipset to co-develop parts of the software).

If Teracube is able to provide quarterly security patches as well as a re-lockable bootloader, the privacy-crowd (wanting to run calyx and graphene os) will be attracted to buy the Teracube 3, boosting the sales and profile of the company.

Please take this as constructive criticism, and keep up the good work.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @DragonFruit - this is all great feedback. Most of these are on our long term agenda. There are multiple factors in play - time, financing, chipset availability, partners, etc.

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Well, thanks for the reply. hopefully your team bring make this vision come to life. good luck


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