Thinking it might be a good idea to create a dedicated thread or parallel area for the new 2e phone and users?

Might make it easier to look up information and questions. Or maybe it’s been done already and I just have missed it?


I have been thinking about it - currently we have the tags as you used in this topic. Should we create separate categories like General, Teracube One, Teracube 2e ? Any common issues can go in General with tags while T1 or T2e specific issues can go in their specific categories? Looking for suggestions on this.


I think that would work well, and of course could tweaked as need be.

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The idea of tags is a good one I think. That’s been a point of some confusion for me as I’ve read through the various threads. And it seems to me to be one that would not require a lot to make happen.

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Yes, the separate categories would be very helpful! Please, at least give it a try.

Here you go :slight_smile:


Thanks Sharad, looks great!

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