This is a great phone thank you

Well I have been 2x blessed so far with the phones my wife’s phone is one of the 60 still to ship. I can be a heavy user so the fact it out lasted my old pixel XL even when it was new made me very happy … that it could last longer :exploding_head:… I had one app freak out… it was one I liked but removed it as keep crashing. Was a minor issue to me it also no longer receives support so not world ending. I put in a 256gb micro SD card and messed that up by making it my main storage cool feature! But not what I wanted so redid my move. 100gb of data! Audio books, movies etc. I work on the road a lot. Now have it set up with the SD card as storage it is much better. Minor hick ups with the finger unlock but only with bitdefender software the odd time, lock my Amazon app, settings etc with it. It requires finger print to use these. Speed has been fantastic if it goes faster and uses less battery :exploding_head::exploding_head:. Phone had the Google pinyin installed and had to remove it but all good. They probably were not using English.?
My son has the other phone and hasn’t has any issues said same thing it may go faster and last longer :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: No way! We both don’t use face unlock so no idea …
My wife has played with my phone and looks at me and says no fair often.

Only thing I am looking forward to is the at/vr support on the phone. But that’s a lower priority for myself.

Hoping the file provided will make a solid copy of the phone as hope to try my hand at making cases when I have spare time. Lol my wife thinks

I am nuts.

Ordered a rear camera tempered glass from Amazon it should fit the rear camera as is a standard size used by many other companies phones.

Thank you again to you all at Teracube! This is the phone I have wished for feature wise for a long time.

Also I must have gotten lucky as the camera does great pics!


Rear camera tempered glass protector link? Would it fit under the plastic case?

It’s like the front glass sticks to it. I am getting mine from bangood no idea if will fit right but looks the same. It will make the lens stick out more though.

@Frontpage32 Did your tempered glass protector fit? If so,could you provide a link to it? Thanks!

Yes it fit I got it from Amazon Canada

HPTech Moto G7 Power Screen Protector - [2-Pack] Tempered Glass Film for Moto G7 Power [6.2-inch] Easy to Install, Bubble Free with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Oh, I thought you were referring to a rear camera glass protector. I’m looking for one that fits well with Teracube.

Yes I am still waiting for that one to arrive there were none with prime shipping.

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