Thrive Phone says there's no sim card installed

How do I get the phone to see the sim card when it’s already installed correctly?

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It should just see the card once the tray is inserted.

Have you tried both spots with a known-good working SIM?

Hi @IsabelSam - please try the following if your SIM card is still not detected.

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. Take the SIM card out and insert it in slot number 2.

If the SIM card is still not detected, can you try the SIM card in another phone just to confirm if the SIM card is defective.

If it is detective, please contact us so that we can ship you a replacement SIM asap.

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My phone started giving me “No SIM Card” messages and I couldn’t make or receive calls. When I finally figured it out it was simple: in “Network & internet” the “Mobile network” was turned off. (I have no idea why or how.)


Oh, super weird.

A reboot of the phone should have resolved the “No SIM Card” message, but would not have re-enabled the Mobile Network.

Thanks for the other area to troubleshoot this issue with!

They said I got a bad card and are sending a new one, but the new one should’ve arrived by now…so maybe my first month trial is just being spent trying to get this phone to work and I’ll just return it and find another kid phone some where else.

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Sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with the first start.

Once it arrives, we will be here to help you out further as needed :sunglasses:

We will be glad to extend your trial (refund your payment). I checked into our helpdesk - it seems we are helping you via email.

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