Ting (GSM) network compatibility

A backer asked on Kickstarter hence posting here.Ting (GSM) uses T-Mobile and is fully compatible with Teracube. However - their compatibility checker is conservative and will not list any new phones like ours. Here is some more info on their network:

(Expand the GSM phones and tablets section ; the network info is fully compatible)

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I used Ting mobile for a few months near Boise ID and I used Sprint towers.

Are you sure you were using Ting (GSM). My understanding is that they offer 2 different SIMs - GSM and CDMA?

I originally went with ting because it offered sprint towers. I wasn’t asked what network I wanted to use when I signed up.They might give you a TMobile SIM card if you request it.

I have been using my Teracube on Ting for several days now. I was able to pop the GSM SIM from my old phone in and was immediately connected, no problem.